Some craft projects I’m loving

A few weeks ago I posted some links to quilts I’ve been admiring. Yes, I am cleaning out my delicious account, how could you tell? But seriously, if I think something is neat or gorgeous or fun, why should I hide it away in my bookmarks instead of sharing it with you.

Button wreath ornament at Mainstream? Yes. Cute? Yes.

The mini felt scrap wreaths by Betz White. Second image in the post, and even better with jingle bells.

The men’s shirt turned girl’s dress that Gezellig Girl made based on a tutorial she links to in her post.

5-minute skirt at angry chicken. This bit of the instructions is priceless: “The 5 minutes only apply if you have a serger, all the supplies at the ready, and are sober. Please allow for extra time if your personal situation deviates from this.”

(Yes, I know, I posted about my lust over the skirt book and have yet to make a skirt, so this is perhaps superfluous. But it’s a great post and this is my blog.)

The scrap scarf at Javajem’s. I love scarves, and I need MANY of them. For February in Austin.

The dish towel and ties sewing machine cover on, originally on (Updated: Now if you follow the link from WhipUp to Martha’s site, it goes to a gallery of cooked chicken photos. Which is different.)

3 thoughts on “Some craft projects I’m loving

  1. Ms BGC

    I love the mens shirt to girls dress idea.

    I have been circling Mr BGC’s nicer shirts like a hungry vulture for a while now, hoping they will lose enough buttons or start to fray a bit so I can steal one for conversion.

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