I Have a Confession

I have always wanted to fuck up billboards. My top targets would tanning salons and that horrifying “vaginal reconstruction” place in San Antonio that advertises in Austin.

But I am neither brave nor bold. So I share these instead of doing it myself.

First, This is How To Do It.

Also see Exo Dis! for an online example

Finally, Subversive Road Signs Ahead.

If you’re like me, you’re fantasizing about a 10 foot ladder right now.

One thought on “I Have a Confession

  1. unwiredben

    I heard about some sign subversion today. My product manager, Paul C., sits on the top floor of Palm’s building 2 here in Sunnyvale. His cube is right behind the big “palm” logo that’s mounted on the window. So, he got some friends to make a cut-out “ul” that would fit over the “lm” on the sign, making it say “paul”. They deployed it one afternoon, and then Paul C. sent out a mail accusing one of the other managers, Paul L., of altering the corporate logo for his own purposes. I’ve got to go and look at the picture of this tomorrow when I get a chance.

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