How my child and I are different

On a late Sunday afternoon recently, I said to C-Man (out of Boy Detective’s earshot) “I REALLY NEED HIM TO STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW, and I know I am not going to get what I need, but I just have to tell you that’s what I need.”

Then I said to Boy Detective: “Please go upstairs and jump up and down on your bed 15 times.”

Boy Detective: “Why?”

C-Man: “Because she thinks you have a lot of rowdy energy.”

Boy Detective: “Okay but I need someone to be in the room with me or I’ll get lonely.”

Me: “You have been with me since 7am nonstop, you really need to be with someone?”

Boy Detective, gleefully: “I always want to be with someone!!!”

8 thoughts on “How my child and I are different

  1. Shannon

    This means you’re doing something right, I think . . . ? :) But trust me, I remember those days. Then they got older and they wouldn’t talk until I needed to sleep, and then they wouldn’t stop.

  2. Cathi

    I remember those days as well…I agree it is sweet. You’ll go through many stages as they grow up. Some challenging, but if you stay tuned in to them and listen, they’ll become an awesome friend. :)

  3. Skye

    Thanks for the reminders to cherish it everyone! :) I promise that I am. It just cracked me up because that last sentence would never, ever, ever come out of my mouth.

  4. Skye

    @ Penelope, oh my gosh I know! I’ll be washing dishes in the kitchen nearby and he’ll get frustrated he can’t have a good conversation with me while he’s in the bathroom…

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