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It’s Like Lying, Except More Annoying

Rick Perry is not my favorite human. He restored some of the mental health benefits to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which is good. It’s not what we had, and a bunch of kids have lost eligibility for CHIP completely because of rule changes, but at least we’re not going to become the only state that has a CHIP… Read more »

Street Harassment Is No Fun

When I was 18-ish I walked past the auto repair department of some department-type store in St. Paul – near the Midway Target on University – and a group of men hanging out there in the open bay doors catcalled and whistled at me several times. I regretted wearing a short skirt, I regretted being alone, and I have always… Read more »

Librarians: Not Just For Shhh!ing People

Re: wacky anarchistic librarians that are trying to make information available to more people through the magic of ebooks. I can just imagine a publisher’s rep trying to explain the difference between ebooks and normal books to a librarian: Publisher: The problem is, we aren’t getting as many sales, because people have access to the material for free. Librarian: Kind… Read more »