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Holla Back, Katrina, Crime at Schools: A few links

Slightly random collection of links: ae points out the Bad Democracy Awards, which at the very least is satisfying as a venting process. Via Jill at Feministe, an open blog called Holla Back NYC. Harassed on the street? Snap the offender’s picture and post it. (Laina Dawes said at BlogHer that one of the reasons she blogs is to document… Read more »

Posts You Must Read #3

Morbo guest posted on The Carpetbagger Report, starting off strong right up front by using an underappreciated vocabulary word in the title of Border Ruffians: The Minutemen come to Vermont: If you’re like me, you probably lose a lot of sleep at night over fears that crazed residents of Quebec are going to swoop down into the country and steal… Read more »

Posts You Must Read #1

I promised to send this article to Smelt and ae when I met them at BlogHer, but never delivered. Better late than never. By Ross at The Talent Show, a classic piece called “I Am Not My Cock“: Contrary to what many men (even on the left) seem to think, most guys can and do meet women all the time… Read more »

Something I Never Thought About

If you’re deaf, how do you let the police know you can’t hear them when they stop you? Late one stormy night you are driving home alone. Suddenly red and blue flashing lights punctuate the darkness behind you. You don’t know whether you are being pulled over for speeding, for having a broken tail light, or because you are driving… Read more »

Three Wishes

Neil the Ethical Werewolf in a post on Ezra Klein’s blog: Suppose you had the money and power to start three small liberal organizations — 527 groups, think tanks, PACs, ninja strike teams, or whatever. What would they be? The commenters suggested, among other things, building a dorm for progressive interns in Washington, funding a group to help Democrats work… Read more »

Saturday Good Writing #1

Everyone in the blogosphere has their Friday memes. Unfortunately, Friday is the day of the week when I’m least likely to want to come home and blog. But now that I have to get up at 6:30 am on the weekend, Saturday morning is looking good. Since I never want to be like everyone else, I’m going to use this… Read more »

But What About The Goldfish?

Here are my favorite passages from an anti-gay email being circulated in Texas. I’ve saved you the pain of reading the rant-o-matic part at the beginning, which is standard “tell your godfearing neighbors to defeat gay marriage” junk, and excerpted the good parts. Marriage is about a man and a woman raising children, not 2 gay roommates in a sexually… Read more »

More Proof that Librarians Rock the World

As reported on The World Today in Australia, which I found via Magipe, who saw on it on No longer will a visit to southern Sweden’s Malmo library be restricted to borrowing conventional items such as videos, educational aids and, of course, books. A homosexual, an Imam, a Muslim woman, a gypsy and a journalist will be among nine… Read more »

Communicating With Congress: How To

The Congressional Management Foundation, a nonprofit that provides management training and technical assistance to Congressional offices, has released the first of four reports on its study of electronic communication between constituents and their members of Congress. What caught my eye (I’m mostly lifting from their text here): Half of congressional staff surveyed believe identical form communications are not sent with… Read more »