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What did NOT cause the mortgage crisis

If you’ve read any conservative blogs in the past six months, you may have run across a somewhat bizarre claim. According to some of these folks, the mortgage crisis came about because banks were forced by the government to make loans to low-income people and minorities who could not pay them back and should not have gotten loans in the… Read more »

Etiquette Question About Calling Out Other White People

Without being rude, how exactly do you tell a fellow white person to stop comparing (a) themselves or (b) Sarah Palin to Rosa Parks? I’ve seen it on two blogs that I generally like, and I am so… I hate to use the word “offended” because people mock it so much, as if being offended is just something that people… Read more »

More On Poverty and Privilege, and Adam Shepard

I’m still thinking about that poverty essay I blogged about a while back where the guy constructed a budget for a family of four in Los Angeles with one full-time wage earner and one part-time wage earned who both make minimum wage. He was trying to rebut the claim that a family can’t live on the minimum wage. The more… Read more »

10 Things You Should Buy At Thrift Stores This Holiday Season

Austin’s Goodwills and other thrift stores have an abundance of all of the following, and I’m sure it’s also true of most other resale markets in cities across the country. Let’s put it this way – either you can keep items out of the trash while saving money and supporting local charities, or you can reward companies for mass producing… Read more »