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Feminism, ur doing it wrong

This, from a female college professor who identifies as a feminist: “Who really needs another boring mommy blog about crockpots and carpool schedules?” Really?! This is your feminism? Dismissing a whole category of women’s writing like it’s a joke? Get out of the goddamn classroom before you poison our nation’s youth.

Apparently I live in an alternate universe

So there’s this blog called Frou Frou Fashionista, which is all about lingerie. 99% of my wardrobe consists of jeans and tank tops and all my cotton underwear is from Target, so I am not the kind of person who typically reads fashion blogs, let alone lingerie blogs. Regardless of topic, though, most good blogs share certain things in common… Read more »

How Lucky I Am

This is how lucky I am. When I was digging up weeds yesterday, I was maintaining property that I own, not trying to make enough money to feed my family on someone else’s land. The conditions where I was digging were safe and I could stop whenever I wanted. When I came in and took a shower, I had electricity,… Read more »

Bill Analysis One Page at a Time? Good Luck With That.

For the second time this year, I have run across a blog post suggesting that people work together to read the entirety of one of the health care bills… by each reading one page. Today’s find is 1,502 at conservative blog bRight and Early. Am I the only one here who has ever READ a bill? They don’t come in… Read more »

Newsy: How is this helping, exactly?

So I’m over at Wired reading an article about Newsy, an up and coming news website/service thingy. They assemble video clips of coverage on a single issue from multiple sources so people can see how the issue was reported differently on different news outlets. This, my friends, is cool. People, including me, need to have their certainty messed with regularly…. Read more »

What would you give up?

Our air conditioning went out last Sunday. Tons of people live without air conditioning, including in Texas, and obviously it would not have killed us to go without it for a few days, but I was still quite glad that it was fixed within a few hours of the sun coming out on Monday morning. It got me thinking, though,… Read more »

Why is everything fair trade so useless?

C-Man and I don’t buy a lot of decorative stuff. If you’ve been to our house, this will come as no great shock to you. Even once we finally gear up and paint the walls something other than white, though, I’d be surprised if we transform into knick-knack displaying, decorative bowl using, lots of little pictures in frames collecting type… Read more »

My thrift shopping isn’t about saving money

Sure, it’s nice to pay $8 for an Ann Taylor suit jacket, but that’s not the main goal for me. I thrift shop INSTEAD of regular shopping because by doing so, I reduce the amount of garbage in landfills, reduce the need for raw materials to be used in manufacturing, and support job training programs for people with disabilities and… Read more »