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Monday Morning Good Writing #14

You should go read all of these. Really. They’re quite good. On Backorder. The open letter format done right. Ready, Set,… Ah Hell. The last bit about Zen at the end is especially funny. Today I Burnt The House Down and Glued Human Body Parts Together. Parenting is AWESOME. I Research Kittens so you don’t have to. the lipgloss is… Read more »

Once you’ve read these, get some work done, will ya?

I can’t tell whose side I’m on. It’s that one extra word. She’s not trying to kill herself, honest. The sincerity could almost knock you down. Just remember, she’s the one who brought up chlamydia. (And this imaginary conversation is also good.) (And I’m not sure this counts as a conversation per se, but it’s funny.) And finally, the best… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #13

FICO, FICO un day. Torches and pitchforks, absolutely. Ten Things I Would Do To My House If I Won The Lottery And Was Forced At Gunpoint To Spend The Cash On Frivolous But Awesome Things. Five questions I intend to ask my Congressman at this week’s annual town hall meeting. I’m going to marry this woman. Soapbox: The Reasons. Oh… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #12

Until it comes back to you kind of reminds me of a graceful flower arrangement. I’m not sure about the hair thing, but Childrearing makes some good points. p.s. It’s not really about childrearing. How to Save Up For Your Vacation. Check out the alternative titles as well. When Anti-Racist Parenting Goes Wrong… Or at the Very Least, Neurotic. I… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #11

A few well-arranged words for your Monday Morning… Feel the fear (and cook it anyway) on Barren Mare. I’ve never seen someone use the word “fandango” and not mean the movie ticket service. Number, please … and no, she doesn’t have ours at from the planet of janet. Here I thought I had issues with my child and phones since… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #10

I’m currently recovering from BlogHer, but here are five lovely posts for your morning perusal. I wish I had a career where I could write letters to companies all day. Anyone want to take up a collection to fund her? What to Expect from Feminist Blogging. Hee hee! It’s a combination of words and pictures, which isn’t what I normally… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #9

Fox News Would Like To Take a Moment To Remind You That the Obamas Are As Black As Satan’s Festering, Baby-Eating Soul. (In case any white feminists are reading this post, MAYBE NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO STOP SAYING THAT NO ONE’S BEING RACIST TO OBAMA while you’re complaining about the sexism Hillary Clinton experienced. It’s not true,… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #8

Four lovely posts for you this morning. My Dad, on Blog O’ Beth. My favorite is the part about the “talk” button on the phone. The Last Time I Talked To My Mother: The Kill Me or Eat Me edition on Stretch Marks. A letter to Paul from Sarah on I am doing the best that I can. Just a… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #7

I’m sure there is a time zone in which it is still morning, so the title stands. And for those of you who are currently enjoying your after-lunch haze, it’s just as good of a time to read some blog posts, yes? Wii just want you to be happy. I am not letting one of these demonic devices into my… Read more »