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Monday Morning Good Writing #22

If ‘Twilight’ Was 10 Times Shorter And 100 Times More Honest at Timeline: Twenty-One at Nothing But Bonfires. To-Do, 4/2/09 at What Would Jane Austen Do? The Man Who Invented Himself at The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy.

Monday Morning Good Writing #21

The Hawaii They Don’t Want You to Know About at Nanny Goats in Panties. Can I Graduate Now? at She Reads Books. Irrational thoughts on vans, and the creeps who drive them at Kill The Goat. It is jeanetic at June Cleaver Nirvana. Rape is not a joke at TransGriot. Why is that Woman on Her Hands and Knees? at… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #20

Just a couple of links to share with you this lovely morning: Dimples Kids Spa, making your 6-year-old sexy as fuck at Rage Against the Man-chine The AIG Death Threats by the guy who did Get Your War On

Monday Morning Good Writing #19

Hey Women Stop Wasting Time On Professions and Open A Day Care at Womanist Musings Still the One at Well Read Hostess Beautiful Girl at Poetic License Someone is after mah man! at Miss Britt Heart, Break at Mama Non Grata Where I’m From at The Little Egg Farm

Monday Morning Good Writing #18

The Ultimate Rejection Letter. Stay-at-Home-Dad Training Guide on STL Homeboy. 25 Things I Said Today at Production, Not Reproduction. Why Adopt? at Peter’s Cross Station. This one time. I met Morgan Freeman. at Slynnro. This good writing on this post at Domestic Bliss is the title, so I won’t spoiler. (It’s a photo.)

Monday Morning Good Writing #17

An Open Letter From My Open Window at Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino. I Never Dated Much at Basically Unemployable. 2009 New Year’s Anti Resolutions at Write Anything. Protect That Good Thing at Ministry So Fabulous. Evolution of Love at Bacon is my Enemy. Badass of the Week: Nikola Tesla.

Read them all, pretend you’re working, I won’t tell

See Hear Speak No Evil: don’t repeat that! Joy Unexpected: Meaningful Conversations with a Four Year Old Bloorb: How Husbands Do Things (and a bonus: How Five Years Together Changes Things) SLynnRo: I’ll Assume She Was Kidding He’s Probably Right Slice of Pink: Or, Eight in the Morning Finslippy: With friends like these, etc. No Appropriate Behavior: Propped Me… Read more »

Monday Morning Good Writing #16

Not Rain Nor Sleet Nor Coughs And Sniffles Will Keep Us From Our Appointed Fun. Neither will “Bone Crusher,” in case you were wondering. 23. Kind of hard to click on a link that small, I know, but it’s worth it. Feather Foot – The Legend of the Mountain Doctor Returns made me laugh off and on for about two… Read more »