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Things That May Make You Laugh

Making Changes… Or Not! on The Glass Dragonfly. Application for Employment on Clever Girl Goes Blog. I Won’t Believe in Heaven and Hell; No Saints, No Sinners, No Devil as Well on no appropriate behavior. Iron Man! on Bent Objects. I Can Haz Bathtub? on How Not To Dress Like A Mom. Unless Forbidden To By Their Superiors on Failbook.

You Should Be Reading These Blogs #3

The Loony Bin. She has more kids than I do, and their life is much more entertaining. So actually, you could just stop reading this blog and read hers. Start with Baby Calls Police, Mom Embarrassed and Baby’s First Bug. The Mormon Child Bride. So. funny. Try ranty rant mcranterson and i’m blonde and never got drunk growing up, which… Read more »

Things That Are Really Really Good

Adaptability at Oh, And Also? You Have Chunky Earlobes at Well Read Hostess. Toast at Rolling Around In My Head. Encounters: The Chatty Hygienist at Pause. There’s Nothing Smart About Taking a Kid with Epilepsy to See Fireworks at Looky, Daddy!

Things That Made Me Laugh #2

Our trip to the opthalmologist on Where the Kudzu Grows Cash for Mama’s Junk? on Mental P Mama Today’s Specials on Assertagirl A Star is Born on The Playpen pick one on just a girl in the world To the Faux Vegetarians on Vanilla Garlic I’m a Failure and the Kids Know It on Funky Green Machine

Things You Should Read

The Myth of Resume Buzzwords at Clue Wagon. Nice to hear the HR take on this one. If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put a Raise On It: On Being Underpaid at The Pursuit of Harpyness. Overheard: The soundtrack of a marriage at Kayla Aimee. I love her whole blog, but this one is extra great. Bill’s Given… Read more »

Things That Made Me Laugh #1

Oink at The Thing Is… 9 Reasons Not to Date a Tyrannosaurus Rex Highway Robbery at The Customer Is Not Always Right The button in this post on Fond of Snape “Tranny”: A Guide for the Perplexed at Questioning Transphobia. So funny and so true. And this comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and since the creator provides code for… Read more »

Some Things That Made Me Smile

Cash for Mama’s Junk? at The Mental Pause Chronicles Naomi Tries To Sleep at Precious Living The person I want to be at From the Mixed Up Files of Happy Fun Pants “Allah” means God, and if you didn’t already know that I’m glad I just told you otherwise this post wouldn’t be funny at Slice of Lemon Stationary Bike… Read more »

For your reading pleasure

Honesty is Never the Best Policy, Except for Sometimes at Tales of Wit and Charm. Pregnancy doesn’t get any hotter than this, people at ThreeSeven. On patience being worn VERY THIN at Flutter.