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Note to Self: Don’t get any more of this stuff

Arborio rice How long has it been since I made risotto from scratch? Thanksgiving of… some year? Back when I had a young baby and two part-time jobs and still tried to cook? I have much lower standards these days. And the not-quite-enough-for-anything arborio rice is still in the cabinet, because the solution to having not quite enough arborio rice… Read more »

Dreams I wish I could stop having

DREAM THE FIRST: I didn’t really graduate from college, and now I have to finish my degree. Okay, this one is probably my fault. Leave college for a semester, go back but drop a class, leave again, re-enroll with spotty attendance and almost fail a required course at the last minute, leave graduate school after one year, work, go back… Read more »

Sometimes I’m cranky in the morning

C-Man: And he’s going to need a lunch packed. Me, head halfway under a pillow: I KNOW. C-Man: Sweetie, that was not me saying “Dammit, woman!” You can tell when I mean that because I say “Dammit, woman!” Me: Yeah okay good point.

How NOT to behave when you rear-end my parked car

Since we are apparently magnetic to people who are not paying attention while driving, I offer this guide for anyone ELSE who may end up trying to park their pickup or SUV in the back of my Honda Fit. Once your vehicle has impacted mine, please do NOT: 1. Complain about the damage to your own car. 2. Complain about… Read more »

So, Here’s How It Is

My life? Not working. 2012 has been this: preschool drama, repeated illness of all family members, dog dying, attempted break-in with brick through door, ambulance to ER during business trip, summer busy season at work, loss of almost all social contact with non-work friends, massive sleep disruptions, complete inability to keep wheels on any part of household maintenance, financial management,… Read more »

FAQ About Our Break-In (And Pictures, Whee!)

You want to see what happens when someone throws a brick through your glass door? I thought you might. The brick bounced off the chair, cracking it, and landed on the carpet – in case you’re wondering about the physics of it all. I certainly was. So what the heck happened? This is the long answer: C-Man and I were… Read more »