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My Life on Facebook and Twitter: April through June 2014

For me to look back on, when Facebook and Twitter have gone the way of (insert now-dead social network here). You don’t need to read it, it’s all good. April 2014 I can tell my son was home with me yesterday because I keep trying to work this morning and having to move stuffed animals to get to things in… Read more »

What is Wiscon like? Thoughts from a first-time attendee.

Wiscon, the “world’s leading feminist science fiction convention,” held its 38th annual convention over Memorial Day Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Lucky me, I was there! This was my first Wiscon and I did not know what to expect ahead of time. So for anyone else who’s curious about Wiscon, here are 5 things I think you should know about it…. Read more »

How to pack for frequent travel

Whether it’s a geeky conference, a family reunion, or a business trip, I use the same strategy to pack for frequent travel. I hate to re-invent the wheel for every single trip. So in case it’s useful to anyone else, here’s my packing strategy which my good friend B. from Oregon taught me. image adapted from baggage carousel #3 by… Read more »

The thrill of victory!

Boy Detective has started practicing jiu jitsu three days a week, so Amazon keeps dropping off books about it. C-Man: I think that guy needs more patches on his gi. Me: Maybe he’s so excited because he just found out he’s getting another one.

My Life on Facebook and Twitter: January through March 2014

I capture these here so I can enjoy them later, after Facebook and Twitter collapse like MySpace. January 2014 I really want to write a post called “Where the **** does all this laundry come from? An investigative report.” Because there are only three people living here and one of them wears his clothes for the next day as pajamas… Read more »

How to make the pasta we used to buy from Costco

With thanks to Flickr user Christian Cale for the photo, used here under a Creative Commons license. Instructions for making that pasta, a.k.a. why we no longer buy that pasta: Start two hours before you would like to eat. Okay, fine, suit yourself. Wait until half an hour before dinner. I’m sure that will work out beautifully. I’ll go read… Read more »

An Open Letter To Our Former Neighbors, Wherever They Are

Dear “The Girls,” We can’t remember your names. Sorry. You did introduce yourselves, so we should have remembered them, but truth be told we were kind of a mess when we moved in here and details got lost. So we call you “the girls.” As in, “Remember how great it was when the girls lived across the street?” Since you… Read more »

Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit D

And it did come to pass that because of events at a certain elementary school, the inhabitants of Castle K did watch the video for “What Does the Fox Say?” approximately 5.2 million internet years after everyone else on the internet had already seen it and gotten bored with it… C-Man: We need that! Me: You want me to buy… Read more »

Year in Review: 2013 is over?

I don’t normally do questionnaire type posts, but Nicole of Three 31 made it so easy, I couldn’t resist. Also, I kind of need some help to remember anything that happened this year, since it seems to have raced past like… something cliche that goes really fast. C-Man changed jobs, Boy Detective changed schools, my team at work changed a… Read more »