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And he just sounded so reasonable…

Boy Detective: I have three moss toads in my room. Me: Why do you have toads in your room? Boy Detective: So I can do things with them. Me: Like what? Boy Detective: Anything really. Well, anything that requires a toad. Me: That’s why I’m asking, because I can’t think of what you would DO with a toad. Be specific…. Read more »

That first Monday of summer vacation can be confusing

C-Man: So how was your day, little guy? Boy Detective: At school, or at jiu jitsu? (parents exchange looks) Me: Well I’d really like to hear about your day at school. Boy Detective: It was good. Me: The other kids behaved themselves, the teachers were nice? Boy Detective: Yeah. (pause) (confused expression) HEY, YOU TRICKED ME!

Oh sure, deflect my ire with science jokes

Me: And can someone get these dice off my bedside table that have been sitting there for weeks for reasons which escape me? C-Man: That would be due to gravity, dear. (pause) Me: I accept that explanation. Or it could have something to do with this person…

Prelude to a campout

Scene 1 C-Man: Is there any reason why I should look for a tent that sleeps more than two people? Me: No. Scene 2 Me: How was testing out setting up the tent? Boy Detective: Great! I got to hit a lot of stuff with a hammer! Me: Wonderful. But did the tent actually work? That’s kind of important. Boy… Read more »

How To Train Your Dragon: A nice surprise!

We watched How To Train Your Dragon at the recommendation of my friend alianora. She’s a fellow geeky mom with high standards for female characters in entertainment, and she had nice things to say about the gal in this movie, so I figured we were safe to jump in and watch it as a family one Friday night. In case… Read more »

Maybe letting him watch Star Wars was a mistake?

Boy Detective: Can you do a better job next time sending me with that note? Me: Oh man, I totally forgot, didn’t I? Boy Detective: Yeah but I know you can do it. Me: You have a lot of faith in me. I’ll try. Boy Detective (very seriously): Do or do not, Mom. There is no try.

Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit C

We’ve discussed before that C-Man’s taste in music is quite different. Turns out I’m not the only one who’s noticed… Boy Detective: Ummmm, is it just going to keep making the same sounds over and over? C-Man: That is the kind of music I like. Boy Detective: Hrmph. C-Man: You would prefer the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack? Boy Detective: What?!… Read more »

So much for THAT persuasive campaign

C-Man: I wish we had some pickles. Me: It wasn’t on the list. C-Man: Strangely. Me: (silent shrug of not caring because I hate pickles) C-Man: Because then I would have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Me: That sounds horrifying. Boy Detective, from the next room: Mom, how do you know it’s horrifying? Have you tried it? C-Man: Skye,… Read more »

Well, at least he’s learning… something

Boy Detective: And without this layer, everything on top would float away. Me: Okay yeah, we need that. Boy Detective: And the atmosphere is the air we breathe. Me: I like breathing. Boy Detective: And this is the hydrosphere, without that we couldn’t have canoes.