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What We’re Not Naming the Baby

Purvis Zero Takeshi Charo Chablis Santana Orji Mungo Narcissus Lafayette Kleng See how helpful baby name books are? And just for the record, though they were not in the book, we have also eliminated Cujo, Ajax, Kojak, Meta, and Spanky McSpankpants.

Hoping It’s All Worth It

I’m trying to convince myself that having my life totaled by nausea will be worth it eventually. Thanks goodness for the blogosphere. Apparently children are great sources of information on all kinds of topics: where trains go what Democrats believe the importance of control clothing (the bit at the end) So that’s something to look forward to, I guess.

Children at Protests?

Sepia Mutiny‘s abhi did a post a while back on children being taken to political protests: I feel that taking a child to certain types of protests is like giving a child a gun without teaching them proper gun safety. I believe it is more important to properly educate a child in all aspects of an issue and encourage them… Read more »

And On The Playground Mock Them

When C-Man and I visited New York recently, I was delighted to discover that his friend R’s wife J is also a fan of the Social Security Administration popular baby name list. I have been checking it ever so often in the past few years, watching in horror as the name Emma became popular because that means I will NEVER… Read more »

The Color Pink, and Gender Policing in Preschool

My sister was in the habit of dressing up her first daughter in pink whenever I was coming to visit, because she knows the girly-girly look grates on me. Now she doesn’t have to pick my niece’s clothes to make sure they’re pink. My niece does it herself, being somewhat Barbie-inspired currently. I wear a little pink myself these days,… Read more »

Mistaken Identity

We’ll call her Anna for this post, and she turns 3 in October. We’re calling her Anna not so much to protect her identity as to avoid having to see the word “niece” over and over again, since it always looks like it’s spelled wrong. My sister: Anna, why are you talking in my other ear? (pause) Do you want… Read more »