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Boy Detective: Mommy, can you check and make sure there’s coconut pie left in the box? Me: There is. If that’s the pie you want tomorrow, that’s fine, you can have some. Boy Detective: You’re lying.

Nothing is perfect until Mark gets involved

Mark: I have to learn to make this cake. Grace: It’s not that hard to make this cake. Mark: I know, what I’m saying is that I really need to do it a couple of times so I get it down. I could make a better cake than this. Grace: I could make a better cake than this too. Mark:… Read more »

Workplace productivity can be elusive

a series of emails which are probably funnier to me than they are to anyone else… C-Man: YES! (link to photo of character in new movie) Me: So what? C-Man: The costume actually looks good! Me: I don’t even know what the original looked like. C-Man: (link) Me: Don’t you have a job? C-Man: MY BOSS IS LOOKING AT IT… Read more »

My sister has a lot going on

Sister: So I finally found the thank you cards my children wrote you! And D. was really helpful and mailed them… except he didn’t notice I hadn’t filled in the house number yet. Now, they’re back at my house. Me: This email is better than getting the thank you cards, actually. Sister: I’m glad I provided some comic relief. I… Read more »

Give Up, Sir

Me: I think you just need to break down and buy a new belt. C-Man: It’s just so annoying. I know it’s here somewhere! Me: I still think that buying a new belt is going to be more effective at holding up your pants than complaining for another six months about how you wish you could find your belt.

Social Media, Improbabilities, Etc.

Me: Why is your husband sending me game stuff on Facebook? Sister: You can block him. You should totally block him. Brother-in-law: I think when you sign up by default it shows you as a possible player. If you don’t want ’em anymore, I won’t send ’em. Sister: Just block him. You said you wanted to be on Facebook so… Read more »