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My 760 Page Hardcover Can Beat Up Your Android

Me: I thought we had changed your phone alarm for the morning to something else? C-Man: I dunno, maybe? Me: And now it’s back to the one that makes me want to smash your phone with a hammer. C-Man: Do you have a hammer up here?! Me: No. Luckily. C-Man: Allrighty then. Me: However I do have Rick Remender’s Punisher… Read more »

No one understands my job

Boy Detective: I want to be a policeman when I grow up. Me: Sounds good. Boy Detective: What about you? Me: I’m already grown up, hon. Boy Detective: And you’re not ANYTHING!

For some questions, there is no good answer

Me: I got Boy Detective a PB&J smoothie, and I got a… something? Like blueberry coconut soy something? C-Man: And how was that? Me: Ugh. I feel much healthier, but I wouldn’t get it again. C-Man: That’s too bad, it sounds like it would have been good, you know, coconut, blueberries. Except you don’t like blueberries. Me: You’re right, I… Read more »