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The superhero gig is a high-risk lifestyle

In honor of the release of The Wolverine tomorrow, I present this conversation between myself and Boy Detective, back when he was three: Boy Detective: Wolverine’s mad because someone (indistinct) his beer. Me: Someone drank his beer? Boy Detective: Someone TOOK his beer. Me: Well that would make him mad, that’s for sure. Boy Detective: (indistinct) Me: What? Boy Detective:… Read more »

Oh yes, I married a lawyer

Me: Oh, groceries, yay! Along with… a few bags of potato chips? C-Man: They were on sale, that is my defense. Me: That wasn’t on the list. C-Man: “Chips” was on the list. Me: So I need to be more specific? C-Man: I got you some non-barbecue ones, that is my other defense.

I’m always one step behind with this kid

First conversation: Boy Detective: This zombie gets this car, that zombie gets that car. Me: Hang on, why would zombies need cars? What would they do with them? Boy Detective: Have a car fight? Second conversation: Boy Detective: You know what would be a bad idea? A button on the tv remote that says “Light” and what it does is… Read more »

At Least He’s Honest

photo by Flickr user mohdrais, under a Creative Commons license Me, searching through the smartphone box: Hey, you watched me put that little pin thing back in its bag, right, the one that pops out the sim card? C-Man: Um… no. Me: What? C-Man: I started to, and then I got bored.

Well I guess the five year old told US!

Me: You need new pants. C-Man: Do you think? Me: I do. C-Man: Why do you say that? Me: Because you’re putting on khakis with a t-shirt. C-Man: Woman! Me: I don’t think you get to “woman” me on a day I’m letting you go play [War Machine] all day long. Boy Detective: I think good parents shouldn’t argue.

I was honored just to be nominated

Boy Detective: Hey mommy. Me: Hey sweetie. Boy Detective: There’s only one thing I love more than you. Me: What’s that? Boy Detective: (That was Fall 2012. I think I’m back in first place now. Sonic doesn’t get up with him in the middle of the night when he’s sick.)

Sometimes I’m cranky in the morning

C-Man: And he’s going to need a lunch packed. Me, head halfway under a pillow: I KNOW. C-Man: Sweetie, that was not me saying “Dammit, woman!” You can tell when I mean that because I say “Dammit, woman!” Me: Yeah okay good point.