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Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit C

We’ve discussed before that C-Man’s taste in music is quite different. Turns out I’m not the only one who’s noticed… Boy Detective: Ummmm, is it just going to keep making the same sounds over and over? C-Man: That is the kind of music I like. Boy Detective: Hrmph. C-Man: You would prefer the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack? Boy Detective: What?!… Read more »

So much for THAT persuasive campaign

C-Man: I wish we had some pickles. Me: It wasn’t on the list. C-Man: Strangely. Me: (silent shrug of not caring because I hate pickles) C-Man: Because then I would have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Me: That sounds horrifying. Boy Detective, from the next room: Mom, how do you know it’s horrifying? Have you tried it? C-Man: Skye,… Read more »

Well, at least he’s learning… something

Boy Detective: And without this layer, everything on top would float away. Me: Okay yeah, we need that. Boy Detective: And the atmosphere is the air we breathe. Me: I like breathing. Boy Detective: And this is the hydrosphere, without that we couldn’t have canoes.

I manage the checkbook in our family anyway

Me: I sorted out that problem with the ITunes login so I could FINALLY buy that Nelly Furtado song and I’m not constantly feeling like there’s something I’ve forgotten to do. C-Man: Okay. Why are we buying a Nelly Furtado song again? Me: Because I liked it. Even after I heard it five times on Pandora, I liked it. What… Read more »

Well, he won that round

Me: I love you! Boy Detective: I love you more! Me: I don’t like those comparing games. Boy Detective: No, you’re supposed to say “I love you most!” Me: No thank you. Boy Detective: I love you most. I love you more than most. I love you MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!

Battle of the Divas

Boy Detective: I like that song, what’s his name? Me: That woman who was rapping? Boy Detective: That’s a girl? Me: Yep. Her name is Lady Sovereign. Boy Detective: Lady Sovereign? Well that’s a way COOLER name than LADY GAGA! Side note: He’s working on referring to adults as “men” and “women.” It seems to be a fuzzy concept for… Read more »