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Avalon: For Want of an Editor…

Mamoru Oshii, the director of Avalon, also directed Ghost in the Shell and Assault Girls. These fine cinematic experiences were rated three and four stars respectively, by me. I wish I could do the same for Avalon. Avalon tells a story about the game that preceded the one we see in Assault Girls. Malgorzata Foremniak plays Ash, one of the… Read more »

Heroine Content Links #32: Sucker Punch Edition

Keep in mind that almost everyone discussing this film is making at least some reference to sexual assault. Teresa Jusino at Tor (thanks @sigridellis for the lead) thinks the women in Sucker Punch grab agency and run with it, making it a kick-ass female empowerment flick. Here’s part 2 of her analysis. Annalee Newitz of io9 says: “Sucker Punch” goes… Read more »

Sucker Punch: Such a Waste of Potential

Trigger warning on this post for mention of sexual assault. Dear Director Zack Snyder, I saw your film Sucker Punch today. Based on the premise and the posters, I had decided not to go. Then I saw the trailer, and it didn’t strike me as badly as I’d thought it would. I didn’t see as much cleavage as I had… Read more »

District B13: With surprise action heroine!

“Okay,” I say to my husband, “I lined up the Netflix queue with a few things that are NOT for Heroine Content. I need a break.” “Sounds good,” he says. “The next thing coming is District B13. That’s great, I won’t have to review it.” “Assuredly not.” So one night after the kiddo is in bed, I relax on the… Read more »