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The Three Musketeers: How to Fix This Movie

I didn’t expect The Three Musketeers to be a good film. Some guys in 17th century(ish) France fight a lot with swords, check! Milla Jovovich, check! That was all I had on my agenda. I’m also no film scholar. I took one film class in undergrad and all I remember is to pay attention to Alfred Hitchcock’s camera angles because… Read more »

Cowboys & Aliens: All this, AND I was bored

Friends, internetcountrypeople, thank goodness for Native American characters. Without Native American characters, the plot of Cowboys & Aliens would have completely collapsed. Without Native American characters, who would have given Daniel Craig a magic drink to bring back his memory of where the aliens’ ship was? Without a Native American character, who would have given a testimonial about the good… Read more »

Battle: Los Angeles: Y’all Might Want to Queue This One Up

Battle: Los Angeles was not a great film, but it was a solid war/invasion movie with a little bit of science fiction glued on. The performances were fine, despite some characters being a little hackneyed and the “touching moments” and “stirring moments” being a little predictable. But now that it’s out on DVD, I’m recommending you rent it. Here’s why…. Read more »

Heroine Content Links #34: Priest, Thor, Fast Five, and more

The “people won’t watch female action movies” myth on The Sounds of Distant Earth: girl powered music and film. New blog in our sphere, folks, so let’s give it some love. She does some interesting comparisons of box office numbers around Sucker Punch in this post. Vampire reservations in Priest on Newspaper Rock: Where Native America Meets Pop Culture quotes… Read more »