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Underworld: Awakening – The Return of Selene

If you have to choose between seeing Haywire and Underworld: Awakening, you should see Haywire. If you don’t have to choose, see both. Two action films headlined by women opening in one weekend. WHY DOESN’T THIS HAPPEN MORE OFTEN?! I have big love for Selene, the vampire Death Dealer from the first and second Underworld films. The second film was… Read more »

Haywire: Start 2012 Off Right, Y’all

If Haywire is opening in your city on Friday, please cancel any other plans you have and buy tickets immediately. Unless you already know that the way Steven Soderberg directs his actors often drives you up the wall… okay, no, you should still go. The spare script combined with the somewhat flat-affect acting will probably be bothersome for about ten… Read more »

Colombiana: Why you should see it

Colombiana is not perfect. But it’s coming out on DVD on December 20th, and I think you should see it if you missed it in theaters. Colombiana is the story of Cataleya, a young girl whose father is murdered due to his involvement with some kind of criminals in Bogota, Colombia. She escapes and makes her way to family in… Read more »

Heroine Content Links #36: Catwoman, Captain America, X-Men First Class, Studio Ghibli, and more

I’m sure there’s something here for everyone, so pick a link or two and relax for a few minutes. And if anyone wants to think non-coughing thoughts in my direction that would be swell. That’s towards Austin, Texas to be more specific… ComicsAlliance Reviews ‘Catwoman’ (2004), Part One and Part Two by Chris Sims and David Uzumeri. Reading these reviews… Read more »

Immortals: It Made Us Love The Three Musketeers

If my husband and I ever divorce, I have no doubt that he will itemize “made me see Immortals” as one of his grievances. He’s usually very patient with seeing movies for the blog. But on this one, he almost refused. “It’s going to be horrible,” he said. “I mean, I want to spend time with my wife, but…” The… Read more »

Wing Chun: Why, oh why did I watch this movie again?

Trigger warning on this film for rape by deception and an attempted gang rape. It’s mentioned in the review but not discussed in detail. I saw Wing Chun years ago in a theater in Austin. If I’d been asked to describe it from memory, I would have said something like “Michelle Yeoh totally kicks a bunch of guys’ backsides with… Read more »