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C.L.A.W.: The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers Movie

I heard about C.L.A.W.: The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers Movie just in time for the Austin screening. Ladies dressed in costume arm-wrestling to raise money for charity? Sign me up for more info about that, y’all. More info about the movie, I mean, not about the arm wrestling itself. ‘Cause that would not be happening for me. Even small… Read more »

Raze: The eye of the beholder really matters!

Since I used to co-write a blog exclusively about women kicking ass in action films, I could NOT miss seeing Raze. It stars Zoe Bell, who has stunt doubled The Bride in the Kill Bill series, and Xena for that show’s entire run, as well as appearing in Grindhouse. (For more about her career and being a stuntwoman in general,… Read more »

The Wolverine: So close, and yet so giant robot

The Wolverine is coming out on DVD tomorrow, so here are my thoughts on it… I tried to go into The Wolverine with no expectations. But people, I love this character. My freakin’ license plate is a Wolverine homage. Badly done Wolverine stories can hurt me in a way that little else in entertainment can (as writer Jason Aaron has… Read more »

Iron Man 3: How It Could Have Been Better

I had a great time at Iron Man 3. Which is no surprise, as it was a movie constructed to entertain. Its pacing and plot were better crafted than the very uneven second film, and for that I was grateful. I also appreciated the increased screentime for Don Cheadle’s Rhodes / War Machine character – good acting, good contrast between… Read more »

The Avengers: First Thoughts

I’m not calling this a full review of The Avengers, because I started celebrating its release early by getting sick so I’m kind of a mess. Also, I’m coming from a place of love for comics, and Marvel specifically, and I know previously my familiarity with source material has blinded me in some ways. (For example, not mentioning the sexy… Read more »

Fright Night: Now that’s just not fair!

So there’s this gal, and there’s some danger. It’s some really bad danger too, not quite Terminator 2 level, but really, how the hell is she going to get out of the danger? Oh wait, there are TWO gals, and neither one of them are panicking. Wow, that’s cool. And there’s a guy, but he’s likable, and everyone’s kind of… Read more »