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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a masterwork of cinema that will change the way you think about life, love, and happiness? Clearly no. Is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fun and totally worth your entertainment dollar? That’s a yes! It’s exactly what you’d expect when combining Jane Austen with zombie movies: women in pretty dresses hacking up undead monsters,… Read more »

Wadjda: A film about how things change

When it comes to renting movies, I have a list of the next 10 films we’re going to watch. C-Man, on the other hand, likes to browse. Especially in the new arrivals section. That’s where he found Wadjda. It’s the first feature-length film made in Saudi Arabia, which has no movie theaters. It was written and directed by female filmmaker… Read more »

Ava Snow Battles Death: It starts here!

I was powerless against Ava Snow Battles Death. Sure, I’m afraid of getting sucked into web series in case all my time disappears down a rabbit hole of awesome content. And yeah, I’m afraid of knowing there are sections of Kickstarter beyond comics in case all my money disappears in a similar way. And so yes, when filmmakers Zack Drisko… Read more »

The LXD: Where are the women?

How am I supposed to feel when a piece of entertainment is a huge step forward for one kind of much needed diversity, but about three steps backwards for others? This question arose when I finally started catching up on the superhero/dance web series The LXD, which aired on Hulu back in 2010-2011. There’s a war brewing between good and… Read more »

Office Ninja: Made With Love By Geeks, For Geeks

If you want to catch my attention, put the word “ninja” in the title of your movie! It’s stereotypical for a geek girl, I know, but I can probably hear it from a room away over several ongoing conversations. So when I heard about Office Ninja from writer and director Bin Lee, I needed to at least find out what… Read more »

How To Train Your Dragon: A nice surprise!

We watched How To Train Your Dragon at the recommendation of my friend alianora. She’s a fellow geeky mom with high standards for female characters in entertainment, and she had nice things to say about the gal in this movie, so I figured we were safe to jump in and watch it as a family one Friday night. In case… Read more »

AVP: Why didn’t anyone TELL ME?!

I co-wrote a feminist and anti-racist action movie blog for 6 years. In all that time, how in the ever-lovin’ heck did no one ever say to me “Skye, you MUST see AVP?” AVP: Alien vs. Predator, for those who don’t know, is an action/horror film that takes place on Earth when an ancient pyramid is discovered under the ice… Read more »