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11 Fantastic Children’s Books about Pirates

Pirate fever hit our house hard in late 2012. Seemingly overnight, my kid became obsessed with Jolly Roger coloring pages and drew new “treasure maps” daily. C-Man and I always thought of us as a ninja family in the ninjas v. pirates smackdown, so this was somewhat awkward. However, our son is our son, and we love him no matter… Read more »

12 Kids’ Picture Books for Dog Lovers of All Ages

I’m lucky that our trips to the library are usually family outings. That means one adult chases the kid and the other (me) gets to look through 40-60 books and find the ones worth checking out. Out of those, there are several fantastic ones that have stood out. This is the second post in a series highlighting those rockstars. I… Read more »

11 Lovely Children’s Books About Friendship

We’ve read some amazing children’s books since Boy Detective joined us, so I thought I’d do a series with our book recommendations. When I say “recommendations,” I mean serious, heartfelt recommendations for children’s books about friendship that are totally awesome, by our grownup standards. If you’re parenting young children, you might find some new reads. If you buy gifts for… Read more »