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7 Delicious Children’s Books About Food and Cooking

When a young child loves a book, they’re likely to wheedle older peeople into reading it with them. Parents, babysitters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends, older siblings and cousins – no one is safe from the 26th repetition of the cherished story! So for all those adults (and anyone giving gifts to children) here’s the next installment in my… Read more »

7 Children’s Science Fiction Books For Geeks of All Ages

We are HUGE science fiction fans, so we’re always on the lookout for kids’ books about aliens, outer space, and any other topic that would thrill our geeky hearts. Here’s a set of children’s science fiction books that the grownups in our house enjoyed as much as our kiddo did. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a… Read more »

14 Animal Books for Children That We LOVE

We’ve read approximately 5.2 million kids’ animal books with Boy Detective in the last six or so years. These are some of our favorites. Some you’ve possibly not heard about, some that are pretty popular, and even some for the bittiest of kids. (New to my blog? All my children’s book recommendations are here, or check out my children’s books… Read more »

5 Children’s Books About Families That Will Make You Smile

There are a LOT of children’s books about families that sweetly catalog and celebrate families of all kinds. They’re very reassuring, educational for some kids, and I’m glad they exist. I’m happy to read each of them with Boy Detective once. Or maybe twice. The books below, on the other hand, celebrate families by telling engaging stories about family members’… Read more »

5 Kids’ Books About Knights That Even Adults Can Love

Like with robots, children’s picture books about knights are few and far between. I’m not sure why. Have superheroes in capes replaced them? Do castles and dragons no longer captivate children’s imaginations? I’d say no, at least from my experience with my son from ages four to six, because he loves knights. Kids’ books about knights also suffer from the… Read more »

Our 5 Favorite Poetry Books for Kids

April is National Poetry Month, so let’s do a roundup of our favorite poetry books for kids. While a lot of children’s books use rhyming text to tell a story, these books are specifically created to showcase poems – whether originally written for a children’s audience or not. I love poetry books for kids that believe children can manage interesting,… Read more »

10 Children’s Books About Love and Marriage That Adults Can Enjoy Too

I never thought of “love and marriage” as a topic anyone would sit down to write a kids’ books about. I never sought out children’s books about love and marriage to read with my child. They just kind of wandered into the library bag… and some of them have become our favorite books. When I looked at them as a… Read more »

7 Great Kids’ Books About Superheroes (and Supervillains!)

Does the kiddo in your life love superheroes? You’re in luck! There are lots of creative, fun kids’ books about superheroes that C-Man and I have enjoyed as much as Boy Detective did. And what would superheroes be without supervillains? So here are our favorites children’s picture books about superheroes and the Bad Guys/Gals on the other side. You may… Read more »

7 Children’s Books for Cat Lovers of All Ages

My child LOVES cats. For a couple of years, he practically stalked one of the neighborhood cats. Unfortunately for him, his father and I will never, ever get a cat. Fortunately for him, his grandma owns a cat, and at least his parents don’t mind reading books about cats. So here are the children’s books about cats that we liked…. Read more »

5 Lovely Children’s Books About Gardens

It’s been very “action” and “comics” around Planet Jinxatron lately, so let’s mix things up with a quiet set of children’s books. Plants are quiet, right? Perfect. Here are our favorite children’s books about gardens and gardening, which all go well beyond how to make green things grow. Even if you don’t have a young reader in your life, but… Read more »