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But our Dark Souls 2 time together is special!

Me: Next Friday night, I’m standing you up. A bunch of Austin blogger ladies are getting together to hang out. C-Man: Whatever. Me: I know you have a hard time entertaining yourself when I’m not around. C-Man: I guess I’ll just have to kill that giant spider without you. Me: You JERK! C-Man: Bwahahahahahaha! Me: NO, that is so wrong!… Read more »

I was honored just to be nominated

Boy Detective: Hey mommy. Me: Hey sweetie. Boy Detective: There’s only one thing I love more than you. Me: What’s that? Boy Detective: (That was Fall 2012. I think I’m back in first place now. Sonic doesn’t get up with him in the middle of the night when he’s sick.)

When your three year old is a gamer

Part One Boy Detective: Was that one of your special attacks? Me: No, that was a hug. Part Two Boy Detective: Mom, what are these things called that move around like joysticks? Me: Those are called your kneecaps, dear.

Avalon: For Want of an Editor…

Mamoru Oshii, the director of Avalon, also directed Ghost in the Shell and Assault Girls. These fine cinematic experiences were rated three and four stars respectively, by me. I wish I could do the same for Avalon. Avalon tells a story about the game that preceded the one we see in Assault Girls. Malgorzata Foremniak plays Ash, one of the… Read more »

The Perils of Marrying a Geek

Me: “So I had these four things at work I needed to do because people are waiting to hear from me, explain explain explain blah blah blah, so that’s not too bad, right?” C-Man looks up from laptop: “I have become a mage.”