In case you were wondering about the shoes…

The return period on unworn shoes from Zappos is 365 days, but I realized that having the box on my table for 362 days would probably make me insane. So I opened the box, tried on one shoe, and now I am sending them back as predicted.

All this capitalism running around, and STILL the products I want do not exist. If any of you see me running around in bare feet at BlogHer this summer, you’ll know why.

One thought on “In case you were wondering about the shoes…

  1. becky

    I so know what you mean, even if I don’t limit mine to vegetarian options.

    I’m am not a petite person, and I have joint issues. I can’t wear heels for any extended period of time without my toes going numb for a week. I would love for someone to make shoes that don’t hit my pressure points, are comfy, cute, and not terribly tall.

    Is that REALLY too much to ask?

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