4 thoughts on “My car is the best stereo I’ve ever owned.

  1. Grace

    This is SUCH a good question. Listening to loud music at home doesn’t have the same stress relieving properties at all, does it? I used to just drive around the neighborhood on my way home from places, needing a few more minutes of that calm.

  2. Well Read Hostess

    Answer the first: I’m not exactly sure but I think it’s fueled by the same principle that allows people to feel perfectly comfortable picking their noses in cars, despite the fact that cars have windows.

    Answer the second: Because of those PEOPLE outside the car. Especially the people who live at your (my) house who need things like “dinner” and “clean clothes” and “attention.”

  3. LIndsey Petersen

    I love the car stereo, loud, with all 4 speakers on. Like your own personal surround sound! I sing along loudly, sometimes move my arms wildly in time to the music. (People in cars near me must think I am crazy!!!) But WHAT a stress reliever. However, at some point you have to leave the car and walk into the house or to work…the relief disappears!

    Lindsey Petersen


  4. angelina

    Since I have never driven a car I do get the same satisfaction at home. I wait until all my people are gone and then I blast the music really amazingly loud (screw the neighbors!) and either clean, cook, or just run around singing. It’s one of my very favorite things to do in the whole world. I want to do that right now.

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