There Can Be Only Several

How did I not blog this when I saw it?

Via Upon Further Review: Police Say Man Critically Injured In Swordfight; Suspect Sought

Ok, I’m really starting to think I’m missing something. It seems there are swordfights going on everywhere these days. When did the sword become the weapon of choice? Why do so many people have them? If this keeps up, I may have to get one, just for my own protection, because sword crimes would be far less common if everyone had a sword.

Just don’t think about the second film, and it will all be just fine.

2 thoughts on “There Can Be Only Several

  1. Januari

    When we drive down 59N towards Tyler, there is ALWAYS a tent on the side of the road selling “Swords”. I’m talking tables and tables of them. And there are always a bunch of people there, so clearly there’s a market. Brian and I laugh every time.

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