A Boy and His Fortune Wookiee Have A Chat

Overheard from the front seat, where I was driving along minding my own business… and only Boy Detective was in the back. Or so I thought.

Boy Detective: You can’t just say you want to invent something and have it happen. It takes lots and lots of stuff.

Fortune Wookiee: HGNRL!

Boy Detective, skeptical: How could you make a magic wand out of tortillas, a ruby, and a battery pack?

Fortune Wookiee: HGNRL!

Boy Detective, tentatively: Maybe if you left out the tortillas?

I’m sorry the photo is so blurry. Have you ever tried to take a picture of a fortune wookiee? It’s harder than it looks. But the Origami Yoda series has taken over our house!

(Just a heads up that my book posts use affiliate links, but check your local library too!)

19 thoughts on “A Boy and His Fortune Wookiee Have A Chat

  1. Skye

    Jenn and Megan, you’re so right, this series of books has kept us both from flipping out when he was sick all week and missed school. There are so many tiny paper Yodas in my house that I do not know what to do, but I’m so grateful he had something he was so interested in.

    Brandi, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to fold these things, the muscle memory just came right back from when I was a kid!

  2. C-Man

    I am so glad that my wife preserves the completely hilarious stuff my kid says when I’m not around.

  3. Skye

    Jena, I’m impressed you’ve made fortune cookies, that seems like it would be hard!

    Ronda,yep, I have lost count of how many times he’s pored over these books.

    Gina, the only difference between these and when we were kids is that the fortune wookie only answers your questions in wookie language… so none of us have a clue what the answer to our question really is! :)

    C-Man, babe, I do what I can!

  4. Skye

    Andrea, don’t say that too loud near my kid, or you’ll have more Star Wars origami than you know what to do with!

    Makasha, that’s just the right age to get addicted, be careful… :)

  5. michelle

    My son is loving this whole series right now and he is so excited for the new Emperor Pickeltine or something like that! :)

  6. Skye

    Michelle, yep Pickletine is where it’s at. Just wait until he tries to convince you he needs a real pickle for authenticity.

    I’m still just wondering where they’re going to get a ruby…

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