How BlogHer 2009 Could Have Been Better and Worse

How it could have been better: I could have spent Saturday at the conference, instead of taking care of one of my best friends who had to go to the ER at 6am after throwing up for three hours.

How it could have been worse: What she had could have turned out to be contagious.

So yeah, not my best BlogHer experience to date.

I did meet some lovely people, and I will share their blogs with you in a couple of days when I’ve had time to dig out all the wonderful cards I picked up on Friday. But for right now I’m trying to recover from sleeping only 3 hours on Friday night, getting up at 3am to help my friend, eating nothing but two granola bars until around 5pm that day, then staying up late again Saturday night because dammit, I wanted to end my BlogHer experience with a nice relaxing party rather than collapsing into bed all by myself in a hotel room.

I am so glad to be home, y’all.