2 thoughts on “What Black Men Think

  1. JPed

    Wow. The one that blows my mind is the “1 in 3 black men have been/are incarcerated”. Seeing the population number for black men (I think it was 16 million something) made me realize how big that oft-quoted stat claim is. However, according to the DOJ, blacks still have an 18.6% lifetime chance of incarceration vs whites (3.4%). Assuming that men form a significant majority of the prison population (they do), and assuming that the DOJ stat is a) correct, and b) based on all blacks, male and female, it’s easy to see where the 1/3 number comes from. BUT, how does the stat address repeats? Presumably this is where the point made in the video comes in. It would have been nice to see their reasoning, rather than their compelling clause-based cutting scheme.

    All that being said, the point is well made. Always check the numbers! Thanks for posting this!

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