Birthday Report

So here I was thinkin’ that a bunch of y’all had gone and forgotten my birthday. On September 2nd, M. (VA) called thinking it was my birthday. I didn’t post about it because it seemed random. Then on the 3rd, J. (IL) emailed, saying he was 1.9 days late and did I do anything fun for my birthday. Then K. (CA) called and said she’d forgotten my birthday. Then a couple of days later I got a card from E. (MA) that said she hadn’t forgotten, but she’d gotten the card late. Then I called C. (CT), randomly, to tell her that I had seen a movie she recommended. When I said “Hello,” she said “Did I just forget your birthday?” And finally, I left B. (OR) a message on her answering machine letting her know that she’d forgotten something, and she should call me. She called, and once we got done discussing how she had called my home number twice in a row for some strange reason, even though she was trying my cell on the second call [she still maintains that she dialed two different numbers…], she said “And I did *not* forget!”

The moral of this story: have patience. The other moral: try to condense your friends in 1-2 U.S. time zones, rather than all 4. Then you don’t have to think so hard about when to call them.

OK, so that second moral doesn’t really have anything to do with the story.