How big is the baby now? Good freakin’ question.

Every week sends me an email telling me all about the baby’s alleged state of development this week. It’s my fault. I asked them to. I had no idea I would be wretchedly ill for 6 weeks (and counting) and consequently not care one whit about any information related to pregnancy or children. Contemplating the precious miracle of life sucks when you can’t even wash your own hair.

The only part I pay attention to (since the advice on nutrition and fitness just makes me want to shake them) is the size they say the baby should be each week. They give you a measurement, and they also give you a comparison.

What the baby has been compared to so far:

  • Week 6 = lentil pea
  • Week 7 = raspberry
  • Week 8 = kidney bean
  • Week 9 = grape
  • Week 10 = kumquat
  • Week 11 = fig
  • Week 12 = lime

My questions:

  • Isn’t a kidney bean smaller than a raspberry?
  • Who the hell knows how big a kumquat is, anyway?

2 thoughts on “How big is the baby now? Good freakin’ question.

  1. TokenOmnivore

    If you’d gotten the Greenling’s “Local Box” a few weeks ago you’d have gotten a bunch. In which case you’d be able to say “I now know what a kumquat looks like, feels like, and smells like, what the bejeezuz do I do with it?” Besides just put them in a dish and admire them.

    Luckily, Ms. J had apparently had previous experiences with them. I left them for her.

    FYI: The ones we got were around 1″ across. With an orangy-yellow rind.

    As for the list above, all I can say is that it looks like the child inside is sympathizing with your suffering, if it’s changing colors is any indication….

  2. Carol

    That is so funny. I have been getting the same info from the same site and the reason I found this is because I was searching for the size of a kumquat! Oh well, I guess I just need to know that my baby is smaller than a lime and bigger than a grape!

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