I have become one of THOSE people

I use exclamation points in emails.

I use smiley and winky faces – though mercifully, only the kind made of punctuation.

I say “thanks” at least twice.

Why can’t everyone just assume that emails are pleasant in tone unless otherwise specified? Why do I have to overcompensate by being extra! shiny! so no one thinks I’m being brusque?

4 thoughts on “I have become one of THOSE people

  1. tooty

    I always do – though sometimes people think that i don’t. I even take ‘You make me sick!’ with a grain of salt. And as regards smileys…well I don’t even know how to make them! I’m with you on this one.


  2. Poor Lucky Me

    Ugh this is the bane of my existence. I can’t help but always worry that people don’t know how nice/grateful/pleased I am. Why can’t we just be normal business people and be comfortable communicating in a polite yet business-like manner?

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