Battle of the Divas

Boy Detective: I like that song, what’s his name?

Me: That woman who was rapping?

Boy Detective: That’s a girl?

Me: Yep. Her name is Lady Sovereign.

Boy Detective: Lady Sovereign? Well that’s a way COOLER name than LADY GAGA!

Side note: He’s working on referring to adults as “men” and “women.” It seems to be a fuzzy concept for him that the terms change when you grow up…

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Divas

  1. Angela @ Cottage Magpie

    Of course, didn’t you know adults are a different species? Or so I’ve heard. I certainly haven’t become one. :-)


    P.S. Going to Rhapsody now to find out about Lady Sovereign.

  2. Skye

    @ Angela, Lady Sovereign is WAY different than most of the nice music you’ve recommended to me, I feel like I should maybe stop you! Or maybe your tastes are more diverse than I know…!

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