5 Kick-Ass Graphic Novels About Zombies

Who doesn’t love a good zombie story? Aside from people who are scared of zombies, I mean. If you’re one of those people, please stop reading this post!

Everyone else, read these graphic novels about zombies! They’re awesome. They all have strong female characters leading the casts, art I enjoyed, interesting plots, good writing… and the undead. What more could you ask for?

Before we jump in:

  • All comics here can be bought as graphic novels/collections, not only as single issues. Your library may own many of these!
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The Zombie Hunters (Amazon / Read as a webcomic / Goodreads) By Jenny Romanchuk.

This webcomic started as an in-joke where Romanchuk was drawing herself and her friends as the characters. Then it took on a life of its own, in which survivors of a zombie plague live on an island, regularly scavenging the abandoned cities for useful items. There was clearly an evolution during her production of the story as a webcomic. The art changes styles a couple of times within this collected edition. But it’s worth the ride – by the end of the book, The Zombie Hunters has built up a fascinating world, a diverse set of intriguing characters trying (and often failing) to co-exist peacefully with each other, and hints of enough backstory and interpersonal history and drama that I wanted more.

What I especially liked about this book was the abundance of female characters. The main character, Jenny, opens the book by screwing up her first mission as leader of a team in the zombie-infested wasteland outside their island compound. Her team is composed of an almost equal number of women and men, as would probably happen in a post-apocalypse where all available human resources are needed to survive. Katie, Sammie, and Maureen aren’t all the same gal, either, they have distinct personalities and appearances. And they kick ass. :)

Due to legal and health problems, Romanchuk has been unable to was unable to print the second volume. Thankfully for fans, though, the webcomic is still online and being updated when possible. So very worth reading even though as of June 2018, there isn’t yet an “end” to the story.

Zombies Calling (Amazon / Goodreads) By Faith Erin Hicks.

The popcorn of the zombie comic world! Hicks is one of our favorite comic writers and artists. C-Man and I found out about her from her Wolverine short story pitch and we’ve bought almost everything she has in print. In Zombies Calling, her first book, she gives us Joss, a Canadian university student who (a) wants to be British and (b) is obsessed with “The Rules” of how to survive in zombie movies. That obsession becomes quite useful when her campus is invaded by the undead! Just like in the movies, her zombie-ass-kicking skills magically emerge!

Even her initially skeptical roommate Sonnet bashes one in the head with a library book – though she doesn’t find the whole thing as exciting as Joss does. Hicks’ cartoon-style art matches the fun story and the slightly goofball personalities of Joss and her friends. It’s a fun lighthearted zombie book that doesn’t try to be something it’s not. And if you can resist a book whose cover features a pink-haired woman stabbing a zombie with a spork…

Zombies Calling is complete in one volume.

I Love Him to Pieces (Amazon/Kindle / Goodreads) By Evonne Tsang. Illustrated by Janina Görrissen. Inked by Maria Viccar. Lettered by Eldon Cowgur.

If this were a movie, I’d own it and watch it repeatedly! Nerdy-cute smart high school kid Jack Chen is paired with exuberant, athletic Dicey Bell on the classic “parent an egg” project. Mutual crush ensues, which is adorable, but trouble in paradise arises on their first date: a disease outbreak, during which Jack is supposed to be taken to his scientist parents by special agents. Nothing could go wrong there, eh? Görrissen packs a lot of action and detail into a small space, and the story is perfect romcom with zombie fun.

This is the first book in a series, but sadly for me, each is a different story. No continuing adventures of Dicey and Jack! :(

Revival (Amazon/Comixology / Goodreads) By writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton. Colors mostly by Mike Englert, with some by John Rauch, Allen Pasallaqua, and Dee Cunniffe. Letters by Crank!

Seeley and Norton’s long-running zombie series brings the dead back to life in a small rural town, seemingly just as they were before. Almost. Maybe? Well, there are some who are obviously Not Right. Then brutal murders start happening, and the town is quarantined until the “revived” can be studied and explained.

Seeley’s characters, Norton’s art, and Englert’s colors are all extremely rich and detailed. It’s hella creepy, especially as the truth about the revived starts to unfold, and new threats arise both from within and outside of the town. The characters are diverse, there are multiple strong female characters, and Seeley manages a fairly large ensemble cast well over the course of the series. It’s engrossing, and gorgeous to look at.

Revival is now complete in eight paperback volumes, or there’s a deluxe hardcover edition that’s four volumes.

The Walking Cat (Amazon / Goodreads) By Tomo Kitaoka.

I haven’t had time to write a full review of this, but I really enjoyed it. What you have to remember when reading this one is that the cat is the main character.

“A survival horror tale about a cat’s journey after society collapses.

Zombies roam the earth and civilization as we know it is dead. When Jin—a young man trying to survive the chaos—rescues a cat from certain death, the unlikely duo sets off on a quest to find a mysterious island where Jin’s wife may be alive. Witness the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of a fearless feline whose curiosity may kill him yet.”

That concludes today’s roundup of comics about zombies that I love and recommend!