Authors of Queer Adult Romance Who Are Men and/or Transmasc

For various reasons, I’ve been trying to read more dudes (umbrella term) writing queer romance. As a Virgo, this necessitated I make a list. Anytime I make a list of books, I start wondering if it might be helpful to anyone else. So here ’tis.

MOST IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Massive apologies if I fucked up anyone’s identity. Let me know via the contact form or Twitter DM (@skyekilaen) and I will make corrections. I am trying to work from Twitter and Goodreads/Amazon bios and not put words in people’s mouths but may make mistakes.

I have marked BIPOC and trans/nonbinary authors to make them easy to find, because I am particularly interested in reading their work and I hope others are too.

Please do NOT assume every book by every one of these authors is a romance. Some authors write a mix of genres.

This list is alphabetized by last name, and links are to Goodreads pages. Every author has published at least one non-anthology work (novel, novella, or short story) that can be purchased, or has a forthcoming release.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me expand and correct this list over time!