Austin’s newest Goodwill is open!

It’s no secret that I love shopping at Austin’s Goodwill stores. We also donate to them regularly. To me, Goodwill is the ultimate win-win. I donate and shop, they use that revenue to help people get jobs.

Today Goodwill made me even happier by opening a new store less than two miles from my house! It’s at the intersection of Riverside and Pleasant Valley, next to my gym. Here’s the map!

The grand opening this morning was totally mobbed, so I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted to.

It’s one of their smaller stores, but there’s plenty of aisle space. Everything is super clean and organized.

Ooh, shiny…

I love this style of hanging jeans. They fold them so that the waistband is on the outside, instead of clipped into the hanger. Makes it so much easier to see the brand and size! And for women’s jeans, brand is often just as important as size in figuring out whether they might fit.

Austinites, check out this new Goodwill! After all…

your support changes lives

8 thoughts on “Austin’s newest Goodwill is open!

  1. Goodwill Industries of Central Texas

    Thank you for the fantastic blog post! Glad we are located so close to you now. Looking forward to seeing you and your readers in our stores to shop and donate!

    Remember tax free weekend starts today, so you’ll save even more with us! Thanks again!

  2. mommasbacon

    The one on 183 close to Burnet is not too bad, esp for Halloween costumes. I think they have scaled back in recent years, but all of their clothes are well organized and color coded.

  3. Skye

    The 183/Burnet is like the mother ship of Goodwills! It bugs me that they don’t have a separate maternity section, or at least they didn’t used to – all those clothes are mixed in with general women’s clothing.

  4. Elizabeth McGreevy

    And I HATE the way they hang the jeans at an angle. You say you like it because now you can see the size. Well, have you ever noticed the size tag they attach to the waistband. Oh…but now you can’t see it because it’s hanging halfway down.

    And the brand?? It’s really not that hard to see it when the jeans are hung straight.

    The angled hanging so awkward. In order to see if the jeans are straight leg, flared, etc. and to see if they are low rise, high rise, etc., you have to pull the jeans out, swing them up to open them up. Most idiotic thing ever. Every time I go to Goodwill, I ask people what they think and they all hate it too. They say they no longer shop for jeans because it’s so inconvenient.

  5. Skye

    Elizabeth, I think you’re an advanced jeans shopper compared to me! :) I can never tell what the cut is just by looking. And I often found the tags were a little illegible or lacked something, like 8 instead of 8L or 8P? Sorry it’s harshed your Goodwill happiness.

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