The Anniversary Weekend By The Numbers

Number of times I said “ow” when I accidentally stepped on the ball of my left foot: Fewer than expected

Number of meals consumed that involved sushi: 2

Number of meals consumed that should have involved sushi: 3

Number of graphic novels read by me: 7

Number of graphic novels read by my husband: Sorry, I lost count

Number of movies watched: 4

Number of stars we gave Good Hair: 4 (out of 5)

Number of stars we gave Ong Bak 2: 0

Number of stars we gave Zombieland: ALL OF THEM (except here’s my question: why do people who can make a movie this hilarious feel the need to make jokes about fat people? unfair, unkind, not funny, and totally unnecessary. so really it gets all of the stars minus about 10 for really sucking on that front.)

Number of Street Fighter strategy guides my husband received for free because Best Buy staff were completely unable to determine what price they should charge: 0

Number of Blu-Ray combo packs of Fantastic Four 1 and 2 and Daredevil that I threatened to buy for my husband for Christmas: 1

Number of these threats he took seriously because if he owned such a thing, it would be in the same house with me: 0

Number of furniture stores we’d been thinking about going to that randomly turned out to be right next to the restaurant we ate at Friday night, if by “ate” you mean consumed nachos, mimosas, and key lime pie (with decent intervals between): 1

Number of those furniture stores which, when visited the next day, proved to have a headboard we both instantly adored: 1

Number of those headboards which we purchased because we have no idea what stain we both like: 0

Number of couches we previously liked in another furniture store that when sat on for a second time by my husband, were not as satisfying to him, setting us back in our couch quest: 1

Number of sick children who share our DNA in our house when we came home: 1

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