Ah, the Good Old Days

Those golden days of my youth, circa December 2006, when an email exchange like this one would actually happen, because I had so much time on my hands that my Netflix queue had to be managed… and while you’re reading this, keep in mind two questions. First, what is the deal with wanting to see any movie just because it’s on a new shiny format? Second, what was my husband smoking that day that made him use so many smiley faces?

C-Man: I switched the netflix to pick blu-ray when available + bumped your top blu-ray movie (crash) to the top. also added tears of the sun; it’s supposed to be one of the best looking movies out currently. Hope that doesnt torment you too much ;)

Me: I guess I did tell you that you could make changes, I just didn’t think you’d grab 2 slots in a row right when I was coming up on a bunch of time off!

C-Man: ‘k , then move one of them Or both of em, for that matter ;) I can always go rent a blu-ray disc if im itching to see one ;)

Me: I left Crash, added Sleepy Hollow blu-ray, demoted Bruce Willis to last place ’cause erg. Did you add Last Samurai?

C-Man: I did not add last samurai. i was actually wondering how it got there. ;) Kung Fu Hustle bluray comes out this month ;)

Me: I guess I added it and forgot, I always thought the scenery looked amazing.

C-Man: Well, there’s a scene with some actual groundfighting and a leg lock, so i’m willing to watch it if you want ;)

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