The 7 Hours

I’m not sure I can account for all of the seven hours I mentioned in my post about how I am being a sullen procrastinator rather than a list-item-checker-offer these days, but at least I did manage to slay the following dragons. And I slept a little extra ’cause of the being sick for almost two weeks.

Dragon the first: Sweaters dropped off at dry cleaner, where the first thing I saw was a sign saying you can now drop off and pick up your dry cleaning at a laundromat about 2 seconds from my nanny / mother in law’s house and wouldn’t it have been great to know that before I spent 20 minutes driving to my dry cleaner because they’re the only non-toxic one in the city? Oh well. I borrowed her car to do it, and she has a nice stereo, so it’s fine.

Dragon the second: Shoes retrieved from Payless (did you know their website offers free shipping to any local store?), meaning I now have two pairs of closed-toed shoes for winter, which is great, because we have winter in February here in Austin and now I don’t have to wear socks with non-Birkenstock sandals. I have low fashion standards for myself, but not that low. Okay they were that low in December when it was really cold. Sorry. At least I kept the socks and sandals the same color.

Dragon the third: Dentist appointment made for self, so I can once again be told that my teeth are in great shape and they barely had to clean them but I should floss anyway. This will motivate me to floss about five times between then and my next visit.

Dragon the fourth: Next pediatrician’s appointment made to follow up on nagging Boy Detective possible health issue about which I am becoming more anxious as months go by without answers although in all likelihood it is nothing to be concerned about. If my mother were a mean person, she would be laughing right now and yelling “See? Payback for everything you put me through! Pneumonia at eighteen months of age, who ever heard of such a thing?”

A list was also made for C-Man of all the C-Manly things that need doing, which I expect him to graciously tackle as soon as he isn’t (a) getting up at 3am to do database failovers and (b) in pain pretty much 24 hours a day. So, possibly 2017. To be fair, I put items relating to getting him out of pain at the top of his list, so here’s hoping.

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