23 Things I Did In the Last Year Instead of Posting Our Wedding Photos

  1. Went on a short honeymoon, half of which I spent sick.
  2. Worked lots of overtime.
  3. Thanksgiving.
  4. Took a week off, during which I found us a house to buy, which pretty much ate the whole week.
  5. Started a quilt for our new bed.
  6. Christmas.
  7. Bought the house.
  8. Moved into the house.
  9. Ice storm.
  10. Unpacked everything during ice storm.
  11. Came down with the flu. Oh wait, it’s not the flu, I’m pregnant!
  12. Got through 80th Texas Legislative Session at work.
  13. Continuing horrible nausea and stabbing pain in gallbladder due to pregnancy.
  14. Started All Access Blogging.
  15. Adopted Dog Two.
  16. Spoke at BlogHer.
  17. Around the beginning of August, finally got some relief from nausea.
  18. Started an easier quilt for our bed in hopes of finishing it before the baby was born.
  19. Started developing pre-eclampsia.
  20. Put on bed rest.
  21. Induced delivery ending in use of forceps, stitching, and a neck injury (mine, not baby’s).
  22. Definitively established that having a baby around, despite fallout from actual birth, is WAY better than being pregnant.
  23. Quit job to stay home and enjoy the baby.

The wedding pictures, however, are almost done. I’m just waiting on a few extra ones from C-Man’s aunt. Here’s one of my favorites. Thanks to I-ROCK for taking it.

c-man throwing his head back to laugh when he heard my vows

I’ve been married to C-Man for exactly one year today, and it’s the most fabulous thing. I’m so glad he was bored in the law school library one day and looking at online personals.

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