105 Days Update: Over the Finish Line

As regular readers will recall, I declared on October 22nd that I would finish 10 unfinished projects in 100 days. That deadline was January 31st. How did I do?

Well, on November 16th I reported that I had finished three projects, but I neglected to specify which they were. Basically, three baby blankets that had been started a year previously. Quite boring, not worth pictures.

Now I will report the rest of the projects in the order they were dealt with. Summary: 9 completed, 1 with a plan for completion.

This quilt was started in August 1999, and in late November 2005 it was completed. A little over six years, not bad. I am learning that I need to learn more about how to take pictures, because it looks washed out to me here. A detail shot shows the little fish. Hello fish!

I previously reported this quilt as started in 1998, but records reveal it was actually started in June 1999. In December 2005 it was completed, so it took six and a half years. It looks a little garish to me in this picture but I promise it’s actually cute in real life.

Those two quilts were for me. OK, for any children I may someday have. Right now The Dog lies on them.

This quilt was started in early 2005, perhaps February. For a while I didn’t keep track as well ad I would have liked to. I finished it in January 2006 and mailed it off to its owner, my friend E’s daughter A. The child is about a year old now and has yet to write a thank-you note. Ingrate.

Now the bugs, started in the middle of 2004 and completed in January 2006. A year and a half, which still puts me way under the rule that baby quilts must be completed and delivered before the child goes to college. This is for my nephew and will accompany me to Colorado in a couple of weeks. It’s fuzzy in the large shot, so there’s a detail shot after to show the creepy crawlies. You’ll have to imagine that the colors are bright and cheerful, since apparently overcast days aren’t great for photography.

This next quilt measures 17 inches square. It was started in January of 2000, and I think I lost 15% of my eyesight working on it. Note to the quilt-informed: it was paper pieced, it’s not like I’m THAT crazy! Six years later, it’s a pretty little wall hanging. I am so happy with this that I could do a little dance.

Almost done. This quilt was started in November 1998 as a holiday present for my ex-husband. I’ve been going around saying 1999, but it’s worse than that. Never have pieces of a quilt been so abused as they were dragged around the country in boxes, and unfortunately it shows. Also, I hate the quilting. But I actually think he’ll like it, and if he doesn’t, he has my permission to set the thing on fire for all I care. I am so sick of looking at it. I just have to lint roll it, pack it up, and ship it off this week.

The alien fabric is damn cute, though.

This final quilt remains unresolved, but a plan is coming together. I started it in January 2002 for someone with whom I no longer have contact. I have many good memories of working on it while watching Godzilla movies and with my friend F. when she was visiting from College Station, but I don’t want a reminder of the person I started it for hanging around.

Luckily for me, the good folks at the Children’s Hospital are happy to give it a new home. The only think I have to do is find someone who is willing to quilt it. You see, I made such a cute quilt that my quilting skills aren’t really up to the level of quilting it deserves – and I also just don’t have the desire to spend any more time working on it. So it’s going with me to the Austin Area Quilt Guild meeting Monday night, and at Show and Tell I will present it and see if anyone wants to help me finish it up.

I didn’t quite get it up on the wall straight, but you get the idea. And ignore the lava falling down, that will be corrected. And five other excuses.

Not bad for 105 days, I think.

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  1. Heather

    Very cute quilts! I love the dinosaur. Kids will love that one.

    I can see how you would have lost your sight on the wall hanging even with paper piecing. Very nice.

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