Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit C

We’ve discussed before that C-Man’s taste in music is quite different. Turns out I’m not the only one who’s noticed…

Boy Detective: Ummmm, is it just going to keep making the same sounds over and over?

C-Man: That is the kind of music I like.

Boy Detective: Hrmph.

C-Man: You would prefer the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack?

Boy Detective: What?! No! Tron!

Me: Why don’t we be kind to Daddy and let him listen to his music on the way to his office, then you and I can change it once we drop him off?

Boy Detective: GRRRRRMMPHHH. I’m trying to use my shoulders for earplugs!

7 thoughts on “Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit C

  1. Skye

    Patti, I’m so sorry, I did not get a picture!

    It was just so funny that I was trying to be nice, and yet the kid ruined it with his, you know, honest reaction. We may be working on “tact” in 2014 with him…!


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