I Have Been Done Wrong: Comics Edition

   July 29, 2003    Comments Off on I Have Been Done Wrong: Comics Edition

Dear Alan Moore: I read League. Well, I tried. Maybe Watchmen was the apex of your career – it was amazing, and revolutionary, and I loved it. This… not. Dear Guy at Dragon’s Lair: When I told you my heart was breaking because The Invisibles was over, you recommended Transmetropolitan instead of Planetary. What the hell were you thinking?

The League of Extraordinary Oh. My. God. How. Boring.

   July 15, 2003    Comments Off on The League of Extraordinary Oh. My. God. How. Boring.

I could not have set my expectations low enough for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The best thing about it was the matinee pricing. However, my walk there proved that I now live only 15 minutes away from The Alamo Drafthouse North and The Quilt Store. They’re in the same parking lot – it’s very convenient.

The New Life

   July 15, 2003    Comments Off on The New Life

As I was deciding in May to discontinue my current relationship, I suddenly became aware of the tiny empty eggshells all over my old neighborhood. I never saw the new birds, but they had left me encouragements. Then I moved to my new apartment and on the second night I was here, the courtyard was full of fireflies. My mother… Read more »

Battlefield Band Rocks, BUT…

   April 3, 2003    Comments Off on Battlefield Band Rocks, BUT…

…do not take anyone you care about to a concert involving bagpipes if that person has just had a root canal. It is unkind.


   October 22, 2002    Comments Off on 22%

I have this constant, low-level fear that I really don’t want to know anything – that I’m simply going through the motions and finding out where information is kept, but resisting building a knowledge base in any particular area because I’m just too lazy to bother. I have many proof points for this assertion, including my bizarre ability to skim… Read more »

Birthday Report

   September 11, 2002    Comments Off on Birthday Report

So here I was thinkin’ that a bunch of y’all had gone and forgotten my birthday. On September 2nd, M. (VA) called thinking it was my birthday. I didn’t post about it because it seemed random. Then on the 3rd, J. (IL) emailed, saying he was 1.9 days late and did I do anything fun for my birthday. Then K…. Read more »

The Thing: A horror movie full of extremely cheerful people

   August 28, 2002    Comments Off on The Thing: A horror movie full of extremely cheerful people

Seriously, they don’t seem all that stressed by having a blood-sucking alien stomping around hanging people upside down in the greenhouse and shredding up dogs to feed the podlings that will take over the Earth. I actually started to suspect the woman *was* a podling, so insignificant was her fear reaction to these events. But it was kind of cool… Read more »

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

   August 24, 2002    Comments Off on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? was eminently satisfying, and has aged wonderfully. Without the visuals, I’m even curious whether the time period would even be distinguishable. (Well, the reactions would seem a bit extreme unless they changed the accents to deep Southern.) While watching “issue” movies and television shows, I am often irritated that the characters don’t seem to be… Read more »

That WWW Thingy

   August 5, 2002    Comments Off on That WWW Thingy

Yesterday I learned how to use Dreamweaver’s Test Site functionality. I love it when I learn a new Dreamweaver trick, and I wish I could get one of the people who wrote it to come sit next to me and point out whenever I’m doing something the hard way. I promise I would learn quickly, so they would only have… Read more »