My Funeral (which is hopefully far away, but about which I have opinions)

   October 5, 2003    Comments Off on My Funeral (which is hopefully far away, but about which I have opinions)

For the record, I’d very much like “Come On Up to the House” by Tom Waits to be the music – the actual recording, not some subdued organist’s rendition. It’s not a hymn, so no one has to sing along, especially because I think asking my mother to sing the line “Come down off the cross, we can use the… Read more »

I’m In Love

   October 3, 2003    1 Comment on I’m In Love

I know, I said I would be single for a while. But how can I resist anyone who engages in Extreme Ironing? Surely there will be a personal ads section on this site soon…

Earning My Geek Shirt?

   October 1, 2003    Comments Off on Earning My Geek Shirt?

I paid the nice folks at Six Apart to install Movable Type for me because I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to do it myself. But I have now used the support forums to research and implement a change to my RSS feed (I hope) and also to stop the comments feature from creating a mailto link when people… Read more »

Quilting: The Next Generation

   October 1, 2003    Comments Off on Quilting: The Next Generation

Yesterday, after much foot-dragging, I sent a message to the listserv of the Austin Area Quilt Guild asking if anyone would be interested in forming a small meeting group (called a Bee) of quilters in their 20’s and 30’s. Within five hours I had nine responses from women were excited about finding a niche within/in addition to the general Guild… Read more »

If I Were A Stalker

   September 29, 2003    Comments Off on If I Were A Stalker

Neal Stephenson’s appearance at BookPeople on Wednesday would be an excellent opportunity to make him mine. Or at least make him nervous. But I have given up the stalking, so I must content myself with feeling lucky that he is actually interacting with the public. [Updated, September 2nd, 2012: After C-Man and I met, we discovered that Stephenson’s appearance at… Read more »

Icky squelchy closet, what?

   September 24, 2003    2 Comments on Icky squelchy closet, what?

An icky squelchy feeling is something I associate with stepping into mud, not stepping into my carpeted closet. But lo, yesterday my carpet squelched. Apparently water has been seeping into it for quite some time from the shower next door, which means that Maintenance must now appear and cuts holes in the walls and bang on stuff. It also means… Read more »

Special Computer Bandaids

   September 22, 2003    Comments Off on Special Computer Bandaids

The folks at Laboratory Computers are now responsible for bringing my machine back to life. Replacing the power supply resulted in nothing but a burning smell and a deep fear for the CPU. *sigh*. The only upside is that I got a lot of quilting done this weekend because all my other hobbies are apparently dependent on the computer. It… Read more »

Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

   September 19, 2003    Comments Off on Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

I ditched the cell phone, changed from cable to DSL, got a perfect hosting plan with Cornerhost, switched from Blogger to MT, imported all my blog entries with no hassle, and then I made the mistake of believing that I had all my telecommunications needs decomplicated and firmly under control. Now my computer won’t power up. The first evening without… Read more »