My Life on Facebook and Twitter: December 2010 through December 2011

   December 30, 2011    Comments Off on My Life on Facebook and Twitter: December 2010 through December 2011

Since I don’t trust free services to store my data in perpetuity, here are the tweets and Facebook status updates I wanted to stash on my blog for my own future amusement.

December 2010

  • Just realized I do have a bruise where my kid’s knee connected with my eyebrow this weekend. Being the roughhousing parent can really suck.
  • In case anyone was wondering, Gummi Life Savers do not freeze solid. Also, spraying water into your face with a garden hose in the dark is not as painful as sewing through a fingertip, but just as surprising. That is all I have learned so far this week. (Yes, I am trying to avoid organizing 3 years worth of tax paperwork, how can you tell?)
  • Youngest niece who has been visiting for several days just threw up all over kitchen floor. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS BE CONTAGIOUS.

January 2011

  • I accidentally photocopied the cover of Planetary #27 onto a doctor bill I needed. New printer/scanners are great but dangerous too.

June 2011

  • In case anyone was wondering, animal crackers work just fine as spoons for whipped cream. ‪#noworriesialsotookavitamin‬

December 2011

  • If my mother in law’s garlic seitan noodle soup really DOES cure my sinus infection like she believes it will, I will tell you all immediately.
  • Update: No miracle cure, however the soup is tasty and I am presumably well-protected against vampires now.
  • I told my child to stop yelling for his grandma from his room upstairs. “She is downstairs washing dishes and she’ll be up when she gets done. If you want to talk to her, you can go downstairs.” So he stayed in his room and started whispering her first name as loud as he could.
  • I think I am falling in love with Franz Ferdinand. And I don’t even know if that’s one guy, or the name of a band. This could be awkward.
  • The last time my son made his bed he apparently tucked a giant plastic tarantula under the mattress pad. Ask me how I found out.