But our Dark Souls 2 time together is special!

Me: Next Friday night, I’m standing you up. A bunch of Austin blogger ladies are getting together to hang out.

C-Man: Whatever.

Me: I know you have a hard time entertaining yourself when I’m not around.

C-Man: I guess I’ll just have to kill that giant spider without you.

Me: You JERK!

C-Man: Bwahahahahahaha!

Me: NO, that is so wrong! Find another plan! You have LOTS of hobbies!

5 thoughts on “But our Dark Souls 2 time together is special!

  1. Lindsey

    Love it! That is how me and my fiance’ view our Lego xbox games. Heaven forbid if one of us plays without the other! We have agreed that those games are our special couple gaming time. I hope you convinced C-man to wait for you :P

  2. Stephanie

    LOL! I am usually the one doing this to my husband, now that he has started training in earnest again for his next marathon. And it is usually some geeky TV show that we are watching (or, like Lindsey above — a Lego video game).


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