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10 Romance Novels That Are Totally Adorable

Sometimes you need a romance that makes you say “awwww how cute!” This list will NOT disappoint. Here are ten of my favorite romance novels, novellas, and short stories with adorable characters falling in love. Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links. If you find this post helpful, please SHARE it, thank you! Any questions, corrections, recommendations? Let… Read more »

10 Paranormal Historical Romance Novels That Win

— This post was updated in November 2018 with even MORE books. Happy reading! — I had no idea how much I’d love the paranormal historical genre in romance! Here’s a roundup of my favorite (so far) paranormal historical romance novels (and short stories), in case you also appreciate some ghosts and whatnot with your smooching stories. Enjoy! Before we… Read more »

10 Contemporary Romance Novels I Adore

Yes, my friends, I have become a romance reader. (Y’all should have seen this coming given my passionate love for the X-Men, which is basically a soap opera. With people shooting lasers out of their eyes.) So here’s my first romance novel post: a roundup of 10 contemporary romance novels that I wholeheartedly recommend. Only one book here has the… Read more »